How To Come Up With Great Ideas For Products

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How To Come Up With Great Ideas For Products
with Mark Hendricks and Cindi Dawson

In this webinar workshop, you’ll discover:

  • How narrowing things down makes a better product
  • How to find out what people want
  • How to dig deeper into what people initially tell they want
  • The question you must ask yourself before you create a product
  • How and why a product will transform itself and take a life of its own
  • Why you should always listen to your prospects and customers when creating products
  • The magic five letter word your product needs to succeed
  • How to decide to create, deliver, and package your product
  • What format should you use for information products
  • The one thing that most people leave out a product that actually will give your product more emotional appeal
  • Everyone knows about the learning styles of auditory, visual, and kinetic – and your product will be way over the top if you include this extra dimension too
  • How to decide what to put into your product
  • Simple tools you can use to help you make product planning decisions
  • How to get a fresh look at your product from the viewpoint of your customers
  • The various “hats you wear” in the product creation process
  • The questions you have to anticipate and answer when you present your product to the marketplace
  • What you must sometimes create before you present your product to the marketplace and why
  • What you must give your prospects and customers upfront or they may not buy your offer
  • Mark’s secret “mind technique” that pulls thoughts out of his interview guest’s most influential memories
  • Four important strategies that leverage your success more than all others combined
  • Two tips you must always be thinking of when creating products
  • How to do market research if you don’t already have customers interested in your product idea
  • How to create products when you are not the expert, but you have discovered the market and what the market needs and wants

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Mark Hendricks

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