How to Create, Publish, and Promote Best-selling Kindle Books

How to Create, Publish, and Promote Best-selling Kindle Books

With guest expert Chris Lockwood and your host Mark Hendricks

You are in store for something special.

I’ve lined up an excellent expert speaker for a special webinar workshop just for you.

Would you like to know…

How to Create, Publish, and Promote Bestselling Kindle Books – Learn from Someone Who’s Written and Published Three Number One Bestsellers (So Far)

In this info-packed presentation you will discover:

  • What’s the Big Deal about Kindle, anyway?
  • Are people telling you Kindle is a fad? You’ll learn why they’re dead wrong
  • Why Kindle is (and isn’t) the same as traditional ebook publishing
  • A simple mindset shift you need to dominate the Kindle market
  • Why royalties from book sales are just the start, you’ll discover other ways to profit from Kindle books
  • Kindle customer psychology: some ways they are different that nobody else i talking about
  • Things you should NEVER do if you want to keep your Kindle publisher account (did you know that some  people teaching about Kindle have been banned from Amazon? Hmmmm…)
  • Are you a complete publishing newbie? … that’s actually a good thing
  • Things you can do with Kindle books that would never have worked in the past
  • What to do right after you publish your Kindle book to start making sales
  • Would you pay $1 to get 500 real people to your Kindle book’s page on You’ll learn that too!

Plus this special bonus:

A never-before revealed strategy for creating quality Kindle books without writing them, outsourcing them, using public domain or PLR content or anything like that.

You want to see this presentation.

Click the Play Arrow to watch it now:

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3 Comments on How to Create, Publish, and Promote Best-selling Kindle Books

  1. Jim Berry on Thu, 21st Jun 2012
  2. I admit, I didn’t mind staying up past my bedtime to listen to this entirely.

    Great info from Chris, as usual.

    Thanks so much to you both for presenting this.

  3. Brad Pollina on Sat, 23rd Jun 2012
  4. This is almost 2 hours long, so took me 3 sittings, but finally made it through and BOY AM I *GLAD* I DID! I saw the value immediately and purchased the Gold version. I will definitely put this to good use. THANKS MAN!

  5. Chris Lockwood on Mon, 2nd Jul 2012
  6. Thanks for the nice comments, guys

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