How To Get Published Now

How To Get Published Now

Learn how to become a published author and let the world
know you are the expert they need to do business with!

With guest expert Joe Marsh and your host Mark Hendricks

Would you like to know…

How To Get Published Now

In this info-packed presentation you will discover:

  • The quickest and easiest ways to create content for books. No more writer’s block and beating your head against the wall. In fact it will only take a few hours to get all your content created.
  • The information needed to make your books available to local book stores and online bookstores. Book stores like Barnes and Nobles and other similar stores.
  • The layout and formatting process. Now it only takes a few days to have a book ready and get a proof copy, not months.
  • The secrets to publishing high quality print books. The same quality books you are currently buying at your local book stores.
  • The steps to getting published in weeks instead of years.
  • How to stock only the books we want. Now you do not have to order a whole garage worth of books at one-time.
  • The simple steps it takes to getting a huge reach with our books. They are even available to libraries and other institutions.
  • How to become the instant local expert we are, and have others recognize us for it.
  • How to be published inexpensively and not pay $5,000,$10,000, $20.000 or more.

You want to see this presentation.

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Get Published Now


Mark Hendricks

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